Thank you for giving so much time and energy serving as volunteers in KidsBridge! You are making an impact on so many lives each week! As you know, we love kids here at StoneBridge and want to invest our time and money into making KidsBridge the main event in a child’s life each week!

On Sunday, the church decided to invest $10,000 into the KidsBridge area to help make it an exciting and inspiring place for kids. Some of this will include technology, some new walls and rooms, as well as an inspirational new entrance with beautiful kid friendly artwork.

I am so thankful for Joe Hehnly. He has done a remarkable job as our children’s minister over the last year. Joe, with his engaging enthusiasm and creativity will be training and recruiting volunteers to make KidsBridge an exciting place for children to come and learn about God.

Cori Pettry has done a wonderful job stepping up and coordinating volunteers. Cori will be moving back home in a few months and Emily Mathess will be taking over as our volunteer coordinator.

In anticipation of the great things God is going to do and is already doing at StoneBridge, we will be launching a second service beginning Sunday, February 4. The first service will begin at 9:00AM with a second service following at 10:30AM. KidsBridge is going to be operating for both services.

While we don’t know exactly what the future will look like (and we will likely have to make changes as we go) we do have a plan and purpose as we move ahead.

  • We desire for our volunteers to never have to miss a worship service in “Big Church”. Two services allow you to volunteer in one and attend worship in the other if you so choose.
  • We believe that we can do KidsBridge for both services with only 12 volunteers total. We would like to have 4 volunteers to be “every Sunday” (9am or 10:30am) volunteers. While we understand that this is a lot of commitment we also understand that there will be weeks when you are out of town or sick or need a month off for a break. That is fine. We believe that having the same volunteers each week allows the children and parents to build a relationship with the group leader.
  • We currently have between 25-35 children each week. Dividing between two services could mean anywhere from 12-18 children per service each week (This may change as we see the actual numbers the first few weeks). Below is a breakdown of the volunteers needed each week.
  • Notice Boulders are combined with another group (whichever is less that week). This will be temporary.
  • Also notice there is no worship/snack leader – This will be the responsibility of the Adult /teen leaders for each group. There will be a playlist prepared in advance by Joe Hehnly and Emily Mathess. Snack time will also be the responsibility of the group leaders.
  • We will also temporarily be using the video lesson that is part of the 252 curriculum. Joe and Emily will make sure that the video is cued up and ready to play. The group leader will start the video and supervise their group during the lesson time.
  • The activity leaders each week will be rotating volunteers (volunteers that can serve once or twice per month).

Volunteers for the 9am worship time are asked to be present 30 minutes before service begins. This means 8:30am arrival time for the first service. This allows for a group prayer and prep time before the children arrive.

Volunteers for the 10:30am service should be ready to take over from the 1st service group leader by 10:15am.

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