Something Pastor Russell Knight said a couple weeks ago when he was with us, has stuck with me. A very simple phrase, command, or mandate. It was not deeply profound or said eloquently with big words. It was not particularly moving or something that necessarily hit you in the gut when he said it. It was just very simple.

He shared a very simple story about this one phrase. Reaching out to another person when you see a need. Moving out of your comfort zone in order to add value to another person’s life. Often, too often in this life, we tend to look inwardly and not outwardly. We get busy, run down, burned out, & grow tired. We tend to focus on what others are not giving us instead of focusing on what we can give to other people.

“Cross the Street”. That was the phrase. So this week I want you to ask yourself, “How can I cross the street this week”? Crossing the street to add value to other people, your family, and your church draws all of us to a place of thanksgiving and humility. It’s not just about doing good, but it’s about who you are doing good for. Crossing the street, draws me to a place of worship to a God who has counted me worthy enough to do good things despite all the wrong I have done in my past. To be a worker in His ministry. Adding value to others with the Gospel adds value to mine.

I end with this. It’s the last line of one of our favorite songs here at StoneBridge. “Bear your cross (cross the street) as you wait for the crown. Tell the world of the treasure you found”.

Dan Ousley - Worship Leader - StoneBridge Baptist Church