Ephesians 6:12

Our war is not with flesh and blood but with the rulers, the principalities, and with the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

A.W. Tozer said, “Many Christians view this world as a playground rather than a battleground.” The less we engage in the battle against Satan and his kingdom, the less we experience real victory. And if we never experience the thrilling victories of being on God’s side of the war (the winning side!), there’s not nearly as much to praise Him for. This is one underlying cause of the lethargic worship you see in many churches – not much victory is being experienced. Maybe mostly defeat, or just plain apathy (which is defeat by default – a forfeit). When there’s so little victory, there’s little cause for celebration. And certainly not much cause for enthusiasm!

We often don’t “get the Psalms” because we often choose not to live on the front lines of the spiritual war like David and Moses did. We therefore miss out on the exhilarating highs and dejecting lows of the battle as it rages on. The Psalms are set in a culture rife with opposition and dangerous enemies, where opting out of the battle wasn’t an option (no police officers, no court systems…even these would be laughably insufficient remedies for the ruthlessly implacable armies overrunning the region). If we want our worship to be a God-glorifying feast of celebration, we need to enlist in the battle (2 Timothy 2:4), accept its risks, and let our praise arise out of the thrill of Yahweh’s endless string of victories, just as it does in the Psalms.

From the Psalms Project Blog - Shane Heilman