You know, there’s really nothing like family. My family has been in Texas for the past week and a half; I have missed them terribly! 

Yet, I am thankful that Kristie and the kids (besides Josiah) were able to visit their Gran and Pap. Pap had a procedure done and they did not find any blockages, just a weak heart. Please pray for him. 

When you think of being away from family; it is true that absence does make the heart grow fonder. I can’t help but think about loved ones and family members who have passed away, and yet, one day (if they knew Jesus), we will get to see them again. And, what a reunion that will be!

If you have yet to put your faith and trust in Jesus Christ, please do it today! 

Realize that your sins have separated you from a loving God who desires nothing more than for you to call on his name and seek his forgiveness. Once you have been forgiven, God has a great plan in store for your life. So, hang on, it’s only going to get better!

Jason Sheffstall - Lead Pastor - StoneBridge Baptist Church