Last Sunday was an amazing day! I was able to go back to First Baptist Church, of Inwood West Virginia and share with them all of the great things God has done over the years here at StoneBridge! I appreciate the ministry of First Baptist Church and her pastors. This amazing church is still reaching people with the gospel and many are uniting with their church to help carry out the Great Commission. 

During my time there, God used the message to convict three people to make the decision to walk the aisle and follow Christ in baptism. Wow! Isn't God good? Speaking of baptism, this Sunday (at StoneBridge), we have at least five people (if not more) that are planning on taking the next step in their walk with the Lord to be fully immersed in the baptismal waters. If you have yet to follow Christ in baptism, please contact me at; I'd be glad to talk to you about this very important step in your walk with the Lord.