Dear Friend,

Revelation 4 describes the very Throne Room of God! 

Behind the Throne is the rainbow, plus, many other glorious colors and descriptions. When I read these descriptions, I couldn’t help but to think that our God ALONE is worthy of our praise and honor. Let it be made known today (and everyday), that He is God, and we must worship Him as such!

I am excited about what our glorious Savior is doing in and through the people called: StoneBridge! 

We are seeing an increase of new guests, new givers, and more soul winners. I just received word (this week) that God used Sean Walters to lead a Park Ranger to the saving grace of Jesus Christ! Praise God from whom all blessings flow! 

Speaking of Sean, please be in prayer for him as he speaks this weekend at StoneBridge! 

And, just a reminder, my family and I will be at First Baptist Church of Inwood, West Virginia. I will be speaking for my former sending church and her pastor, Devin Ward. Please pray for me as well!

P.S. We had 17 people attend our StoneBridge 101 class this past Sunday!