Has God ever seemed unfair to you? Has there been times when it has felt as if God was not present? Habakkuk felt this way! He had a dialogue with God about his silence and his unfairness. So far, we have learned that the southern kingdom of Judah was in a bad way! They were rebellious, ungodly and disobedient to the Lord. Therefore, God was raising up a group of people called the Chaldeans (the Babylonians). They were a wicked, ungodly, and impetuous people. They did not care who you were or even where you came from. To them, they were doing their best conquer the known world. 

Today, there is a lot of wickedness that abounds, but yet, God is still on His throne. When it seems that God is not present or that He acting unfair, TRUST THE PROCESS! God is working a work in our lives that if He told us every detail about it, it would blow our minds. 

I pray for you to have a great week! Remember, the Lord loves you and He walks with you every step of the way!

Jason Sheffstall - Lead Pastor - StoneBridge Baptist Church