Rush of Fools is a Christian rock/contemporary Christian music band from Alabama, U.S. They are known for their 2007 hit single "Undo", co-written with producer Scott Davis, which was the most played song of 2007 on Adult Contemporary Christian Music radio stations according to R&R magazine.[1] It was the No. 1 Christian song for five consecutive weeks from June 4 to July 2, 2007 on 20 The Countdown Magazine's charts. Their second single "When Our Hearts Sing" was the seventh most played song of 2007.[1] The band's name was taken from the Biblical passage, 1 Corinthians 1:26-31.

The band's second album, Wonder of the World, was released on September 16, 2008. It features their hit song "Lose it All".

For their third album, the band changed to the record label eOne Christian Music. The album is titled We Once Were and was released on September 27, 2011. The lead single, "Grace Found Me" was released June 24, 2011.

StoneBridge is excited to have Rush of Fools with us on April 30, 2017, 10 AM! The band will lead our hearts in worship starting at 10 AM and going no later than 10:45 AM. After the worship set I (Pastor Jason Sheffstall) will be the main speaker for the day; encouraging our guests to look to Jesus for the answers to life's biggest problems. After the short talk, Rush of Fools will come back up for another 30 minutes or so to conclude our worship set for the day. 

After the worship gathering, everyone is invited to stick around for lunch. This is a big day for our church! it is our Friends and Family Day. John and Ynita Swomley will also be with us painting faces and developing creative balloon arts for the kids! We will have our annual Cornhole tournament, as well as, many kid-friendly games in the parking lot of the Morgantown Commons. Be prepared to invite a friend and come on out! We'd love to see you!

I am excited to inform all of you that the many StoneBridgers who are coming to this event are looking for more volunteers to lead their teams. If you can clean, serve food, direct people in the parking lot, that would be much appreciated! Have a great day!


Serving Him,


Jason Sheffstall