I thoroughly enjoyed preaching through the series: LET HOPE IN. This coming Sunday we begin a brand new series entitled: 5 STONES. These five stones represent the story and life of David. David's story began in the sheep field; the field prepared David for the throne room. 

In the series, Sticks and Stones, Pastor Steven Furtick said, "The sheep field made David fit for the fight against Goliath." I think this is so important in our journey as believers. So many of us long to be in the fight, but we're not quite fit for the fight. The Lord allows things in our lives to happen for a reason. We may not understand it at the time, but as time goes by we begin to learn the lessons that God is teaching us, then, and only then, will we be ready to face the giants in our lives.  

There are possibly some of you who are in a fight. As you look back on the past couple of years, you know that God has been preparing you for this battle. 

My advice: 

  1. Understand that you have been equipped for this fight. 
  2. Stand tall in the Ring.
  3. Look to your Coach (the Holy Spirit).
  4. Keep moving and shaking! 
  5. God will bring you through this event!